joint1 W2 [dʒɔınt] adj [only before noun]
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: , past participle of joindre; JOIN]
1.) involving two or more people or groups, or owned or shared by them
The two ministers have issued a joint statement .
Both companies are involved in the joint development of a new medium-sized car.
Both parties must sign the form if the account is to be in joint names (=belong to two named people) .
The meal was a joint effort (=two or more people worked on it together) .
2.) joint venture
a business activity begun by two or more people or companies working together
3.) joint resolution
law a decision or law agreed by both houses of the US Congress and signed by the President
>jointly adv
tenants who are jointly responsible for their rent
joint 2
joint2 n
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: jointe, from joindre; JOIN]
1.) a part of your body that can bend because two bones meet there
knee/neck/hip/elbow etc joint
a permanently damaged knee joint
2.) BrE a large piece of meat, usually containing a bone
joint of
a joint of beef
3.) a place where two things or parts of an object are joined together
What should I use to seal the joint between a carport roof and the house wall?
4.) out of joint
a) if a bone in your body is out of joint, it has been pushed out of its correct position
b) if a system, group etc is out of joint, it is not working properly
Something is out of joint in our society.
put sb's nose out of joint atnose1 (15)
5.) informal a cheap bar, club, or restaurant
a hamburger joint
6.) informal a cigarette containing ↑cannabis
= ↑spliff
case the joint atcase2 (2)
joint 3
joint3 v [T]
to cut meat into joints

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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